Costa Rica is a tropical playground with sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences sure to please adventurers of all ages. Among the most favored sights are Costa Rica’s dramatic rushing waterfalls which provide a cool respite after a hike through untouched tropical rainforests. Loved by locals and travelers alike, we’ve assembled a short list of some of our favorite Costa Rica Waterfalls found among the country’s seemingly endless array – all perfect choices for your next big adventure!

Del Toro

Del Toro is an amazing waterfall whose source is found in the Poas Volcano. Located in Alajuela amid the Bajos del Toro Cloud Forest, the mighty Del Toro waterfall crashes beautifully down 300 feet (90 meters) into a dormant volcano. As one of the tallest in the country, Del Toro boasts powerful mists as the water rages over the edge discoloring the plant life near the overhang. While hiking from the top down to the base along the Bajos del Toro Waterfall Trail, you will feel the mist as you share the tropical paradise with blue butterflies, hummingbirds, macaws, anteaters, armadillos, and more!

La Fortuna

Near the Arenal Volcano, you will find La Fortuna a fabulous waterfall surrounded by hot springs. The watery cascade, branching from the Arenal River, drops 230 feet (70 meters) and plunges into a picturesque blue pool.  The hike alongside the falls down to the pond below features stairs winding through the rainforest canopy. For thousands of years the falls have eroded the stunning circular overhang which is now covered in moss and a variety of tropical plants. On arriving at the plunge basin pool, you can enjoy a walk out onto the rocks and if you remembered your swimsuit enjoy a cool refreshing swim in the calm waters.

La Paz

Another stunning waterfall near the Poas Volcano is La Paz. Fed by the La Paz River, these falls are 121 feet (37 meters) of natural beauty. A part of the La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Wildlife Refuge, the entire area is well worth the time for leisurely exploration of the picturesque falls, nature trails and wildlife preserve. In addition to the La Paz waterfall on this adventure you will encounter hummingbirds of all kinds, macaws, marmosets, butterflies, Capuchin monkeys, sloths, poison dart frogs, and more as you trek amid the cloud and rainforest.


The breathtaking Nauyaca Waterfalls offer incredible two-level overhangs at intervals totaling 200 feet (65 meters) and flowing beautifully into a 1,000-square foot pool perfect for swimming. Though the trek to these waterfalls, located deep in the Costa Rican rainforest, is longer than some it is well worth the journey. The falls can be reached by hiking or on horseback along the well-traveled trail which often features sightings of hummingbirds, macaws, toucans, and spider monkeys. On your arrival, you can enjoy a picnic lunch on the falls’ smooth river rocks or a soothing swim in the cool clear waters of the plunge pool.

Rio Celeste

Spellbinding blue waters delineate the vibrant Rio Celeste Waterfall. Situated in cloud forests of Tenorio Volcano National Park, the falls’ enchanted color comes from the volcanic minerals mixing with the water. Local legend tells another story of the magical color – a tale of the Creator who on completion of coloring the sky washed his brushes in the river’s water, thus fashioning the legendary turquoise blue found at Rio Celeste Falls. The falls appear to launch from the trees cascading 20 meters into the shimmering blue pool. Whether you choose to take the short direct route (one mile) or meander along the Rio Celeste (just over four miles) to the falls, you won’t be disappointed with the incredible Rio Celeste Falls when you arrive.

Now that we’ve awakened the adventurer in you, let us know when you want to plan your getaway – we take you there – exploring the awe-inspiring waterfalls of Costa Rica!